“The Lord on high is mightier than the n

KNOW Before You GO

July 13, 2019

The Great Commission - the foundational Scripture in missions mobilization - tells us to "Go and make disciples of all nations." The verses that complete chapter 28 of the book of Matthew are the match to light the fire of action within us as Christ followers to reach the entire world with the Good News of Who Christ is and what He has done.


What Matters Most

July 16, 2019

ICU waiting room. There are only 3 1/2 small windows of the day where we can go back to see our son.


Saturday evening was 3 days ago but seems like weeks ago. I was just publishing my first website blog when the call came that no parent wants to hear. Our son was pulled from his vehicle that was on fire after hitting an 18-wheeler an hour from our home. He was on the way home from Ministry school to go on a much-anticipated mission trip.


Do Not Be Afraid

August 2, 2019


Why does the Bible tell us in SO MANY places not to fear? Is this something, as believers growing in Christ, that we even deal with anymore? I mean, don’t you feel most days a lot like Kevin in the original Home Alone movie…. when, having mustered up the confidence inside his large, empty house, opens the front door and bounds out, proclaiming, “I’m not afraid anymore!” “I said, ‘I’m not afraid anymore!’ Do ya’ hear me? I’m not afraid anymore!”