The Great Commission - the foundational Scripture in missions mobilization - tells us to "Go and make disciples of all nations." The verses that complete chapter 28 of the book of Matthew are the match to light the fire of action within us as Christ followers to reach the entire world with the Good News of Who Christ is and what He has done.


Jesus spoke these words to His (then eleven) disciples after His resurrection with the understanding that, based on everything He had taught and instructed and imparted to them over the past three years, they would be able to take all of that to all peoples everywhere.


And these same verses - this same Great Commission - is for all of us who are Christ followers over two thousand years later. We are also commanded to GO! So let's consider for a moment, when we GO!... what will we give?


“The Lord on high is mightier than the n

KNOW Before You GO

Fulfilling the Great Commission in whatever role (and there are several - all equally important) is a fantastic adventure! The Lord of the Harvest opens doors as He thrusts us out into the fields, whether we are Goers, Senders, Intercessors, Mobilizers... And as awesome as the adventure of that is, so awesome is the responsibility as well.


What is at stake is no less than the eternity of souls. We have been entrusted by the Creator of Heaven and earth to reach what is most precious to Him - people.


Therefore, when we go - we must have something to give. Something more than gold and silver - though that is wonderful. More than humanitarian aid - though we should definitely take care of others as the Lord gives us the resources to do so. You see, all of the vitally important tasks in missions are secondary to the primary purpose of missions - to take the Good News, however He leads, into all of the world.


We must KNOW before we GO!


The more we know Him, the more sensitive we are to His leadership. The more we know Him, the more aware we are of the snares of the enemy and how to avoid them. The more we know Him, the brighter our light shines in the dark places. And the only way to know Him is to spend time with Him.


Fellowship with the Lord through prayer and His Word is where I draw life and strength and hope and encouragement. This is not confined to mission trip prep; it is experienced every day of my life because I need to know Him. And I get to know Him.


As you seek the Lord for your role in the Great Commission and as you step out into all He has called you to be, I encourage you to first know Him. And keep getting to know Him more. Then it will be much easier to make Him known.