You have a part in the greatest story - God's story - in reaching the world with the Good News of Christ! And this world needs to be reached. The Lord is with you, and under His awesome leadership, YOU CAN DO IT! The mission is possible!!

S1: Ep. 2: Getting Unstuck

Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you feel "stuck" now. It could be a season of life, a job, or a relationship. Maybe you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your life circumstances. I have some good news for you! We're going to look at how to get UNSTUCK as we travel on The Mission Suitcase Time Machine back in history. 

S1: Ep. 3: The Gift of Testimony

We all have a testimony - a story of what God has done in our lives. Every story is a gift that is precious and powerful. No story is greater than another because the Lord is the Author and our story becomes part of His story - the greatest story of all!

S1: Ep. 4: Conversation with Cara

Join me as I talk with Cara Salley, missionary to France. Cara, along with her husband Brian and three sons, live at the base of the French Alps in Douvaine, where they are planting churches and sharing the Good News of Christ among the villages. She has also authored two books: Simplify Soul Winning and Bit by Bit: A 31-Day Devotional Book. Cara shares her heart with me about sharing the Gospel, missionary challenges, and how each of us can reach out to the missionaries we know.

S1: Ep. 5: Fulfilling Your Assignment

God has a specific purpose for you to fulfill - and that purpose has many assignments for His glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom here on earth!

bevin 6.jpg
S1: Ep. 6: Missions Mobilization with Bevin Ginder

Bevin Ginder, of GlobalCAST Resources, is a YWAM missionary to Cambodia and a prominent missions mobilizer in the world today! Join me as Bevin shares with us the different roles in missions and how one of those roles serves all the others. This is a vitally important conversation for all Christ-followers to hear!

S1: Ep. 7: One by One Missions with Becky Murray

Becky Murray is the founder and president of One by One Missions. She is the author of "Mother Bumala" and speaks regularly at churches and conferences across the world.

She is also the founder of The Dignity Project and pastors Renew Church in Uttoxeter, England, along with her husband Matthew. Becky is the host of "Embrace the Journey" on TBN UK and co-host of "Into All The World". She has also been featured on the BBC, UCB, Premier Radio, Revelation TV, and the 700 Club.

The Murrays have one son, Josiah, who was born in 2011.

IMG_9651 (1).JPG
S1: Ep. 8: Being Mission-Minded with Ann Dunagan

We close out Season 1 of the podcast with a conversation with Ann Dunagan of Mission-Minded Families! Ann is a veteran homeschool mom of seven, global missions leader, author, podcaster with Mission-Minded Families, and the founder of Mission-Minded Women!

Ann and her husband Jon are co-founders of Harvest Ministry and Loving Orphans, overseeing about 500 village churches and over 1,000 orphans in East Africa and Asia. Collectively, the Dunagan family have shared the love of Jesus in over 100 nations and on every continent, including Antarctica.

With a passion for the Lord and the lost, Ann mobilizes women and families to live on mission for God, for as she says, "Missions is not just for missionaries; God's call is for all."

trust or bust.jpg
S2: Ep. 1: Trust or Bust

Are you trusting God in every situation in your life or are you leaning on your own understanding - trying to fix it all yourself and destined for failure? This episode challenges you to look UP and place real trust in the Lord. Regardless of how big that giant seems or how high that mountain looks, you can trust Him!

S2: Ep. 2: Conversation with David Joannes

From smuggling Bibles into China to being interrogated multiple times for his faith, David Joannes - author, the host of Missions Pulse, and the president of Within Reach Global - has lots to share from his years of missionary work in China, Thailand, and around the world. 

S2: Ep. 3: Conversation with Courtney

Serving in evangelism and feeding programs, working with children of prostitutes and drug addicts, teaching English classes, and whatever else the Lord calls her to do - Courtney de Santos, wife and mom of two boys - is ready. The borders of nations do not define where she serves, rather, her calling from God does. Join me in this episode where I chat with Courtney about her work in Colombia, Venezuela, and wherever the Lord leads.

S2: Ep. 4: Life - The Breath of Missions

This is a very personal episode, in which I share about my father passing away and going to heaven. I share about my own process of grief and how I find Hope in the midst of it. And I give encouragement on life - on what we can do with it and how it affects others. You have a purpose in helping fulfill The Great Commission and the LIFE of God in you is the breath of missions.

S2: Ep. 5: The Faithfulness of God with Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray has personally seen the faithfulness of God in so many ways. He was three hours from death and was miraculously healed. Millions of dollars has supernaturally come into his missions ministry to reach people all over the world. He has witnessed the transformation of countless lives - in his home church, in many other nations, and in his own life.

Matthew, along with his wife Becky, are founders of One by One Missions and pastor Renew Church in Uttoxeter, England, where they reside.


In this episode I will be talking with Betty Gomez, the Director of Beauty for Ashes, the women's ministry of Adventures in Missions. Betty openly shares her heart on intimacy with God verses seeking His approval and how all things are possible with Him - even that "God would invite a young Hispanic girl who grew up in the barrio to share His restoration, hope, and healing with women all over the world!"

S2: Ep. 7: Short-Term Team Missions with Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is the Missions Director at her local church and has a passion for equipping short-term missionaries, teaching the Body of Christ how to be more effective in missions, and teaching short-term mission teams to

have an expectation to be used of God in a mighty way.

This episode gives insight into team training and preparation, finances for short-term missions, and why team unity is so vital the the success of the mission. 


While there is widespread panic in our land, I believe God is going to bring beauty out of the ashes because that's what only He can do! He is a Redeemer and we can dare to trust Him! You still have a role in The Great Commission, regardless of flights being cancelled and nations on lockdown. Tune in to this episode to be reminded that in the midst of it all - THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!


Sonya Schweighardt shares about her work with the Batwa people in Uganda and how Covid-19 has affected them. How does this mom of 15 maintain life in quarantine while leading a ministry on the other side of the world? Listen to her amazing story of how God called her and what has been on the other side of her "yes" to Him.

Learn about Operation Raising Hope and how your "yes" can save lives impacted by the coronavirus.


This former long-time American missionary to Russia has now turned into a successful businessman in Russia. He is building bridges among nations by highlighting creative things Russia has to offer the world. And he does it all out of love of God and country - a foreign country - that is now home.


Andrew Cannon is an evangelist born and raised in Liverpool, UK. The hand of God radically touched him in January 2010 when he called upon the name of Jesus.  His life was full of destruction and addictions, alcohol, drugs and self-harming.

In this episode (the first part of a two-part conversation), Andrew shares his awesome testimony and then shares how YOU can easily share your testimony and be a witness wherever you are! 


Andrew Cannon is an evangelist born and raised in Liverpool, UK. The hand of God radically touched him in January 2010 when he called upon the name of Jesus.  His life was full of destruction and addictions, alcohol, drugs and self-harming.

In this episode (the second part of a two-part conversation), Andrew shares how YOU can easily share your testimony and be a witness wherever you are! 


Melissa has been serving in pro-life ministry since 1995. She has served as founder, executive director, client services director, board member and volunteer at centers around the country. 

She has authored several books to support her passion for Pregnancy Centers and Mission Trip Devotionals.  Melissa is an international speaker and teacher at pregnancy centers, women's conferences and churches around the world.

Melissa is also the founder and president of Beautiful Feet International (beautifulfeetinternational.com). Beautiful Feet sends and assists churches in sending short-term mission teams around the world and has assisted in the openings of her international pregnancy centers.

S3: Ep 6: Go Tell Someone with Marie Tsuruda

Marie has ministered for over three decades in child evangelism in 79 nations. She and her husband have taken their three children with them into 39 of those nations. 

Why Children?

  • Jesus is making known the pristine and untouched Harvest of children around the World needs to be reached.

  • 26% of the world’s population is under age 15. More than half of those children reside in Asia alone.

  • Governments, religions, and other groups are focusing on children who are opposed to the Gospel of Jesus being shared.

  • We are reaching them through the grace of God… and with your prayers and support we will continue to do so.

Jaime dance.jpg

This is a story of a young lady with two different passions in her life – and how her availability and her obedience to the Lord has resulted in God using both of those passions in ministry on the mission field. You may be someone who can’t even see how you could wake up every morning getting to do the thing/ things you love to do, but my special guest is going to share how it happens for her – and how it can for you as well.

You’re about to meet my friend Jaime Gilbert, a missionary in the Dominican Republic. And she’s not just a missionary… she’s THE DANCING missionary!

S3: Ep 8: God Is Greater

In this episode I’ve simply entitled “God is Greater”, I want to share with you my story – my testimony – of overcoming Covid-19 and the faithfulness of the Lord through it all. I want to share how an 8-day hospital stay was less about what treatment I was taking to combat the virus and more about a bus in Switzerland. That sounds random, doesn’t it? And I want to share how I stayed at peace and full of joy throughout it all!

breathe (1).jpg

Over half of churchgoers in the U.S. are not familiar with The Great Commission, yet it is the very foundation of evangelism and cross-cultural missions. Learn what makes The Great Commission so great, where it originated, and how it affects your purpose on earth.


The purpose of Light the Window is to mobilize at least 10 million believers to pray daily for the unreached peoples of the 10/40 Window Region. To facilitate this, an annual prayer calendar has been created which divides the region into 12 affinty blocs and 365 large unreached people groups. The total population of these 365 groups is over three billion. The vision is to see 1 billion hours of prayer for these least reached peoples by the year 2025, with participants from every country in the world. 


God wants to take your loaves and fishes and turn them into a bountiful feast!


What if you were thousands of miles from home and family when a global pandemic hit? What if you were in a remote village - what would life be like? Hear Elizabeth's amazing testimony on trusting God. She will share how to hear the voice of God and have faith over fear.


She is a strategic leader, missions mobilizer, missionary, writer, worship artist, Bible teacher, speaker and passionate global advocate, championing the rights of women and girls. 


She is a strategic leader, missions mobilizer, missionary, writer, worship artist, Bible teacher, speaker and passionate global advocate, championing the rights of women and girls. 


A missionary and homeschool mom, Joye and her husband Joel and their seven children loaded up and moved to Kenya at the end of 2019. They spent much of 2020 in a village where God sent them to do one main thing... dig a well. 

Hear Joye's story of miracles and God's faithfulness - and how YOU can believe Him for the impossible!

S4: Ep 8: Simple Obedience with Ginger Cummins

What if missions was as simple as God putting things in your heart and then stepping out in simple obedience under His leadership to do those things? Hear Ginger Cummins' story of how God exposed her to Germany all through her life and then opened the door for her family to go - for a very specific purpose!


Becky Murray, founder of One by One Missions returns to the podcast with exciting news from Kenya and some heartbreaking news from Pakistan. She has also launched a brand new book: "Embrace the Journey" - which can be purchased at One by One's website: onebyone.net.

** Parents: Please note that a portion of my conversation with Becky would be disturbing to children, so we recommend you listen without your children being present. **


'Think you are too busy to share the Gospel with others? Wait until you hear Lydia's fascinating story of following and obeying God!

You'll be challenged and encouraged in this episode by this mother of nine who stepped out into the harvest field in front of her and is regularly leading people to Christ. The location may seem "common" - but the power of the Gospel is not!


Albanians get that you may not know much of their history or even where they are located. But they want you to know. They want you to see their photos and hear their stories. And they want you to come. In this episode, you'll find out why this is a fantastic time - and place - to share the Gospel! So let’s go ahead and get the initial question out of the way – where in the world is Albania?


Erion Cuni - a pastor, church planter, and missionary within the beautiful nation of Albania - articulates how Albania is perfectly poised for Gospel impact in that area of the world

and beyond, how to have a successful short-term mission trip, and more!

IMG_2991 2.JPEG

Sarah lives on a ranch north of San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two young

boys. Sarah helps busy families connect deeply with God. She loves Jesus and her

family, especially her husband and two boys.


Sarah has a background in counseling, loves teaching children the Bible, and is

passionate about helping people around the world know Jesus.


She is the author of Psalm Prayers for Kids and Psalm Prayers for the Nations, and she

hosts a family-friendly prayer podcast called Hearts at Rest with Sarah Keeling.

Untitled design-4.jpg

This wraps up Season 5 of the podcast! Please listen as I share an exciting

announcement about the future of The Mission Suitcase!

What's In Your 2022 Suitcase-4.jpg

I've got a question for you and how you answer will affect how your 2022 goes,

regardless of what the circumstances on the world stage may be...

Prepare To Be Amazed!-3.jpg

The Lord is inviting you -in 2022- to LIVE in the expectation of being amazed by Him! Here's how!

Whose Report-3.jpg

In this episode, we consider the different "reports" that come to us throughout life -

and why believing the right one makes all the difference!