Edwin Raymond Hamilton

April 14, 1942 - December 30, 2019


"The Strongest Man in the World"


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The Fulakunda of Senegal

The Fulakunda have a population of close to 2.4 million and only .03 percent claim to be Christ followers, as their main religion is Islam.

The Fulakunda are the second largest ethnic group in Senegal. They descend from nomadic Fulani tribes which intermarried with local Mandinka tribes in West Africa. Today, many still continue the Fulani tradition of cattle raising thought the vast majority are no longer nomadic, and practice settled farming as well.

Here are three important prayer points for the Fulakunda of Senegal:

  1. Over 85 percent of the Fulakunda belong to Sufi brotherhoods, which hold a powerful sway over their loyalty to Islam. Pray for deliverance from spiritual bondage and the courage to follow Christ in the midst of opposition.

  2. Tens of thousands of Fulakunda children are sent each year to study the Quran under religious instructors known as marabout. They live unsanitary environments and are forced to beg on the streets for their food. Pray for the few ministries seeking to reach them and also for spiritual protection over the hearts and minds of the children.

  3. Praise God, the Scriptures were completed in Fulakunda in the year 2000 and are now having an impact. Pray for its widespread distribution and use by future Fulakunda evangelists and church-planters.

Every year, 21,000 Fulakunda die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime. Time is NOT on their side, please pray! Real people, really perishing.