Matthew Murray is the co-founder of One by One Missions and author of He Still Heals - his story of being on the brink of death with malaria. 

Matthew formerly served as the Crusade Director for Shake the Nations Ministry, has appeared on numerous TV programs, including the 700 club, and is the co-host of Into All The World TV series on TBN UK.


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The Soninke of Mali

The Soninke have a population of 2.3 million and are primarily Islam. Only .02 percent claim to be Christ followers.

The Soninke are a widely dispersed group throughout West Africa. Here are 3 important prayer points:

  1. There are a handful of isolated believers, but still no indigenous church among the Soninke. PRAY that God would raise up indigenous pastors, teachers, and evangelists among them.

  2. The Soninke live in an incredibly inhospitable environment with temperatures ranging up to 125 degrees. PRAY for the missionaries God has called to work among them, that He would give them special grace to adapt to this equatorial climate and to work effectively despite the obstacles.

  3. Due to the widespread distribution among the Soninke, there is a need for several traveling evangelistic teams to be raised up. PRAY for God to thrust out laborers who will faithfully carry out this difficult task.

Every year, 21,000 Soninke die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime.