"I look at my life and have much gratitude. God would invited a young Hispanic girl who grew up in the barrio to share His restoration, hope, and healing with women all over the world!"

Betty Gomez

Betty Gomez currently lives in Atlanta, GA where she leads Beauty for Ashes, the women’s ministry of Adventures in Missions. She grew up in a close knit Mexican-American family. 

For almost 10 years, Betty taught special education in the public school system. However, she began feeling a restlessness within. It was a gift from God while also an invitation to know Him in deeper intimacy.

She put her teaching career on pause and joined a mission program called the World Race. While on the World Race, she traveled to 11 countries in 11 months to share God’s good news. This looked like preaching at churches, doing door to door evangelism, helping build churches, visiting nursing homes & orphanages, working on rice fields, going to red light districts, eating lunch with young girls who worked at the red light district, and doing house visits.


At the same time, she began to notice a pattern matter what type of ministry she was doing, she somehow ended up with women. It was in those moments when she was holding the hands of an elderly women or eating lunch with her new friends who worked at the bars, or the volunteers at an orphanage...she wanted to hear their stories and share about the One who changed her story. 

Once she came back to the US, she made the decision to move away from Texas to be part of God’s movement through Beauty for Ashes has been at Adventures in Missions.


UPg for this episode:

The Mandinka of The Gambia

The UPG for this episode is the Mandinka of The Gambia in West Africa. They have a population of 1.7 million, and only .30 percent of this unreached people group claim to be Christ followers, as their religion is Islam.

The Mandinka are the largest ethnic group in the country of Gambia, and make up the majority of the population. They live primarily along the Gambia River, which runs through most of the country to the Atlantic Ocean.

The majority converted to Islam in the 19th century through the influence of the Senegambian Fulani.

Here are three important prayer points for the Mandinka of The Gambia:

  1. The Mandinka of The Gambia are one of the poorest people groups in the world, barely surviving on less than 50 cents a day. PRAY for God's redemption to come to their land through the transforming power of the Gospel.

  2. The Mandinka have a rich cultural tradition of unique music, stories, and proverbs. Their oral heritage passed down to the generations through song is some of the most advanced and complex in the world. PRAY for creative ways to share the Gospel using stories and song in the Mandinka language.

  3. PRAY for the Lord to raise up Christ followers to live and work among the Mandinka... to share the Good News with them and establish house fellowships. PRAY for at least one or two workers to be raised up this year - in 2020!

Every year, 16,000 Mandinka die without Christ, many of whom have never heard the Gospel in their lifetime.