While there is widespread panic in our land, I believe God is going to bring beauty out of the ashes because that's what only He can do! He is a Redeemer and we can dare to trust Him! You still have a role in The Great Commission, regardless of flights being cancelled and nations on lockdown. Tune in to this episode to be reminded that in the midst of it all - THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!


Caesarea Philippi


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The Nubians of Sudan


The Nubians have a population of 1.5 million and only .03% claim to be Christian. This predominantly Muslim unreached people group are a cluster of seven tribes that originated from the Nuba mountain region. Their language, culture, and genetics have been significantly influenced by their interaction with Arab traders and settlers. The Nubas are the poorest people in the nation and have migrated to the cities looking for work. Every year, 27,000 Nubian die without Christ, most of whom have never heard of Jesus one time during their lives. Please join me in prayer for salvation to come to the Nubians of Sudan.