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Andrew Cannon is an evangelist born and raised in Liverpool, UK. The hand of God radically touched him in January 2010 when he called upon the name of Jesus.  His life was full of destruction and addictions, alcohol, drugs and self-harming.

In this episode (the first part of a two-part conversation), Andrew shares his awesome testimony and then shares how YOU can easily share your testimony and be a witness wherever you are! 


UPg for this episode:

The Adyghe of Turkey

The Adyghe (pronounced Ah-dig) of Turkey have a population of 640,000 and are over 99% Muslim. The Adyghe  culture has at its core the values of: respect, hospitality and reverence for elders. Their identity and code of conduct comes from an ancient system of rules, etiquette, and ethos known as Khabzeh. According to the Khabzeh, a host is expected to give his life to protect his guests. In return, guests are expected to be gracious and behave in a way that honors the host.

Much insight into Adyghe culture and customs can be gathered from their folk dances. These dances tell stories about everyday life such as courtship, preparing for war, the harvest, and displaying of strength. The stories preserve Adyghe ancient history, and they are predecessors to Greek mythology, containing ancient stories of gods from southern Russia.

Adyghes are one of the remaining tribes of a large people group known as Circassians.

Important prayer points:

1. PRAY for God to break the stronghold of spiritual apathy that holds the Adyghe people in darkness.

2 Cor. 10:3-5

2. PRAY for a movement of House Church Planting among the Adyghes in the North Caucasus.

Acts 20:20-21

3. PRAY for men and women of peace (Luke 10:6) in each Adyghe town/ village to be keys to welcoming the love of God, the grace of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit into each community in the years ahead.

2 Cor. 13:14