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Andrew Cannon is an evangelist born and raised in Liverpool, UK. The hand of God radically touched him in January 2010 when he called upon the name of Jesus.  His life was full of destruction and addictions, alcohol, drugs and self-harming.

In this episode (the second part of a two-part conversation), Andrew shares how YOU can easily share your testimony and be a witness wherever you are! 


UPg for this episode:

The Kumyk of Dagestan

The Kumyk, with a population of 430,000, are a Turkic speaking people group living in Dagestan, a Russian province bordering the Caspian Sea. Their main religion is Islam. They live primarily in the Kumyk plateau where they raise sheep, cattle, horses, and buffalo. Secondary industries include leather products, rug-making and textiles made from wood and cotton.

Important Prayer Points:

1.  Just as the land they live on is ideal for growth, please PRAY that new humility will make the hearts of the Kumyk people fertile to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Hosea 10:12

2.  The Kumrk have a rich cultural history in the arts, with extensive literature, folklore, dance, and music. PRAY that these art forms might be used to bring the Gospel to the Kumyl in a culturally-sensitive way.

3.  PRAY blessing on the Words of Life in the Kumyk New Testament and in Genesis-Psalms/Proverbs, as they penetrate into Kumyk culture. Hebrews 4:12

Every year, 4,000 (around 11 daily) Kumyk die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime. God will not waste our prayers to draw Kumyk unto Himself!