Melissa Heiland

Melissa has been serving in pro-life ministry since 1995. She has served as founder, executive director, client services director, board member and volunteer at centers around the country. 

She has authored several books to support her passion for Pregnancy Centers and Mission Trip Devotionals.  Her upcoming projects include training materials for Pregnancy Centers and a children's book. Melissa is an international speaker and teacher at pregnancy centers, women's conferences and churches around the world.

Melissa is also the founder and president of Beautiful Feet International ( Beautiful Feet sends and assists churches in sending short-term mission teams around the world and has assisted in the openings of her international pregnancy centers.

 More About the BFI Pregnancy Centers

  • Since 2013, BFI has started over 40 international pregnancy centers in 15 countries.

  • Centers are in Africa, South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

  • Clients at BFI pregnancy centers receive discipleship throughout their pregnancy and baby’s first year (almost 2 years).

  • BFI has developed curriculum for training, teaching and Bible study for pregnant women and new mothers in underdeveloped nations.

  • All centers are run by nationals.

  • All centers are affiliated with Bible-believing churches.

  • It costs an average of only $8,000 to start a BFI international pregnancy center.


UPg for this episode:

The Hazara of Afghanistan

The Hazara, with a population of 3,500,000, descend from Mongol soldiers which intermarried with Persian tribes in the lowlands bordering the Hindu Kush, beginning in the 13th century, A.D. The name "Hazara" is a Persian translation of the Mongol word for "thousand," and refers to the traditional Mongol kinship fighting unit.

Important Prayer Points:

1. Bible Translation: The Hazara have yet to have a Bible translated in their language, though most are able to understand the Dari New Testament, a closely-related Persian dialect. PRAY for the completion of the Dari Bible and for its possible adaptation into a Hazara version.

2. Cassette Bible & Jesus Film: The Hazara are only 5% literate. PRAY for God's blessing on an ongoing effort to put the entire Bible on audio cassette (20% complete thus far). PRAY also for strategic use of the Jesus film, though available, has only been viewed by fewer than 10% of the Hazara.

3. National Ministers:  The future of missionary work in Afghanistan and Pakistan is highly uncertain. PRAY for the identification and equipping of dozens of Hazara pastors, evangelists, and elders.

Every year, 32,000 (around 87 daily) Hazara die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime. Please pray!