Marie has ministered for over three decades in child evangelism in 79 nations. She and her husband have taken their three children with them into 39 of those nations.

Why Children?

  • Jesus is making known the pristine and untouched Harvest of children around the World needs to be reached.

  • 26% of the world’s population is under age 15. More than half of those children reside in Asia alone.

  • Governments, religions, and other groups are focusing on children who are opposed to the Gospel of Jesus being shared.

  • We are reaching them through the grace of God… and with your prayers and support we will continue to do so.

Evangelizing Children so Children can Evangelize the World

UPg for this episode:

The Odia of India

Population: 32,000,000
Hub Country: India
Religion: Hindu
Christians: 1.30%

Description: The Odia (also known as Oriya) are the principle people in the Indian state of Odisha. They remained a strong, unified kingdom until conquered by Muslims in the 16th century. Even so, unlike other ethno-linguistic groups in India, Islam was unsuccesful in establishing a presence among them.

Prayer Points:
• Women are highly regarded in Odia culture and many of their festivals feature legendary women heroes.

Pray that God would raise up Christian women leaders among them who champion the ideals of the gospel.
• The British used a divide and conquer strategy to subjugate the Odia people, and the Odia were the first to revolt against their rule in the early 19th century. Pray that Jesus would enter into Odia society in a way that is free from Western attachments and that the Church would become truly indigenous among them.
• For Odia people, Christianity is considered a religion for remote tribal peoples, many of which are coming to faith in the state of Odisha. Pray for spiritual breakthough in urban areas and among every sector of Odia society.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, grant the Dhobi open hearts and minds to receive and understand the truth about Jesus and the redemption only he can bring.

Every year 320,000 Odias die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime. Let's do something to change that.