​Passionate about equipping the next generation, dance, advocacy, and COFFEE, missionary Jaime Gilbert serves as a missionary in the Dominican Republic. Her first year has included reaching the community of La Vega and the Haitian community within that region through

teaching dance education, dance outreach, and dance therapy.


She has also been instrumental in pioneering a coffee ministry to bridge the gap between university students in the community and the role of the church, creating a culture of a safe positive atmosphere for young people to learn English, acquire work skills through internships and work mentorship programs different skills, and meet around the table for gospel conversations and discipleship to occur.


Jaime is in the process of moving to Hope Mountain in the DR, where she will be helping to lead a youth discipleship and leadership program, developing worship dance ministries in various church plants, and being a mentor and dance therapist in a new safe house/ recovery home for trafficked minors.

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UPg for this episode:

The Saraiki of Pakistan


The UPG for this episode is the Saraiki people, who occupy a huge area of central and southeastern Pakistan known as Bahawalpur.

The population of the Saraiki is 20 million and fewer than 1% claim to be Christ-followers. In fact, there are 400 Christian workers needed for this people group.

Although Islam is the main religion of the Saraiki, they are noted to be somewhat indifferent to organized Islam, preferring instead the mysticism of sufi saints who they look to for spiritual power and guidance. PRAY that this desire to connect with the supernatural might be met by Jesus Christ alone and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

To preserve their traditions, identity, and language through literary societies and other cultural associations. Unfortunately, the Bible has yet to be translated in their language. PRAY for this needed translations project to become a priority for at least one ministry involved in Bible translation.

Every year, 20,000 (around 55 per day) Saraiki die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime. Please pray!