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The Dan of China


The Dan, also known as the Tanka, are a Chinese subgroup which have traditionally lived on the Southeast coast of China, usually on house-boats. As a result they have often been called the "boat-people" though they prefer to call themselves Soisangyan, which means "water-borne." Their dialect is related to Cantonese, however it is likely that ethnically they descend from the Yue race, which predated the Cantonese in Southern China.

Prayer Points:
• The Dan have been very difficult to reach historically, in part because of their lifestyle. However, intentional efforts by missionaries to Dan communities in Hong Kong resulted in significant breakthrough. Pray that the same intentionality would happen to reach the Dan in China and that Dan believers from Hong Kong might be instrumental in these efforts.
• The Dan have been discriminated against as a lower caste in China's society. Pray that their dignity and eternal value might be restored in Christ.
• Although many Tanka now live in sea-side community many tens of thousands still live in floating fishing communities. Pray for specialized outreach to these fisherman and for creativity in church expression.

Every year 43,000 Dan Chinese die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime. Let's do something to change that.​