Light the Window is a Global Prayer Alliance 

The purpose of Light the Window is to mobilize at least 10 million believers to pray daily for the unreached peoples of the 10/40 Window Region. To facilitate this, an annual prayer calendar has been created which divides the region into 12 affinty blocs and 365 large unreached people groups. The total population of these 365 groups is over three billion. The vision is to see 1 billion hours of prayer for these least reached peoples by the year 2025, with participants from every country in the world. 


UPg for this episode:

The Subawa of Indonesia


The Sumbawa (also known as the Samawa) have a population of 400,000 and are the indigenous inhabitants of Sumbawa island, which is regarded as the virtual boundary line marking the easternmost advance of Hinduism into Indonesia. Today the inhabitants are largely Muslim due to missionary influence from the Makassar tribe, who live on the nearby island of Sulawesi. 

Important Prayer Points:
• Many of the residents of Sumbawa island face starvation when crops fail due to lack of rainfall. There is also high malnutrition in children as a result. PRAY for compassionate ministries that will address these issues in the name of Christ.

• PRAY for a Jesus Film in their local dialect and also for gospel recordings and other gospel tools to be produced and distributed. PRAY also for Christian radio to reach them through Far East Broadcasting Company. 

• The Sumbawa have only recently been engaged by missionary witness and they still have no Scripture resources in their language. However, there are a few believers among them and a church is being formed. PRAY for God's blessing and protection on these new beginnings.

Every year 3,800 Sumbawas die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime.