What if you were thousands of miles from home and family when a global pandemic hit? What if you were in a remote village - what would life be like? Hear Elizabeth's amazing testimony on trusting God. She will share how to hear the voice of God and have faith over fear.


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The Bambara of Mali


Population: 4,700,000 
Religion: Islam
Christians: 1.52%

The Bambara are a Mande people, related to the Soninke and Malinke, which have been in the process of converting to Islam over the last fifty years. They are now about 85% Muslim and comprise over 30% of the Malian Muslim population.

Prayer Points:
• There is a great battle underway among the Bambara for the spiritual direction of their people. PRAY for the conversion of key leaders to the truth of the gospel and that the spirit of false religion might be driven out.

• The entire Bambara traditional society, composed of guilds, secret societies and castes has been thrown into a state of chaos through modernization. PRAY that in the midst of this transition, the gospel might become a steadfast anchor and a sure hope for their people.

• There are eight mission agencies planting churches among the Bambara, but mostly among animistic population segments. PRAY that each of these might catch a vision for developing special strategies for reaching "high-identity" Muslim communities.

Every year 43,000 Bambara die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime.