Kanita currently serves as Director of Intercultural Prayer & Missions for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, she is the Founder of an international nonprofit called She Saves a Nation, and she is currently pursuing a Doctor of Missiology at Fuller Theological Seminary. 

She is a strategic leader, missions mobilizer, missionary, writer, worship artist, Bible teacher, speaker and passionate global advocate, championing the rights of women and girls. 

Kanita lives at the intersection of theology, missiology and worship, with a life mission committed to eradicating spiritual and Bible poverty, advocating for Bible literacy, equipping the global church, empowering women and girls and engaging believers to experience God in and through worship.

Her passion for nations and the Great Commission has led her to serve as a short-term missionary, speaker, trainer and mobilizer to Kenya, Africa, and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As Founder of She Saves a Nation®, she works to evangelize, disciple and develop refugee & marginalized girls in Kenya, Uganda, and Thailand as agents of change in their nations and throughout the world.

UPg for this episode:


The Tukulor of Senegal


Population: 1,400,000 
Religion: Islam
Christians: 0.02%

The Tukulor are a large West African people group related to the Fulani and the Wolof, who live primarily in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania. 

Prayer Points:
• Tukulor society is divided into social classes. PRAY for the influential, aristocratic Torobe class that they might experience the power of Jesus and lead their people into righteousness.
• Although the Tukulor are Muslim, they still practice witchcraft and divination. PRAY for freedom from the powers of darkness in the name of Jesus.
• Most Tukulor have no access to clean water, resulting in high child mortality rates. PRAY for ministries to come alongside them that will touch their physical needs with Christ's love.


Every year 13,000 Tukulor die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime.