Joye Dicharry 


Joye is a missionary mom of seven. She homeschools her children and loves to read and write in all her spare time. (She is still trying to find that spare time!) Joye and her husband Joel are the Founders of a nonprofit Commission Mankind, and they have an AMAZING story of miracles in their calling - to dig wells in remote villages. 


They moved their family to Kenya in 2019 and God miraculously enabled them to get a clean water well for a remote village during the global pandemic. They learned what it means to believe God for the impossible! While living in the Machakos Hills of Kenya, they discovered their location was one of the HARDEST and MOST EXPENSIVE places to drill in the world.  


While living in the village in Kenya, they saw and experienced the desperate need for water first hand. God gave their family a heart to bring clean water wells to this area of East Africa. They will be returning in March of 2021 to drill FIVE more wells!  


Their deepest desire is to bring God glory, in whatever way God asks them to. Their vision is to ignite a generation for a new era in world missions where the church is wholly committed to every part of its body in order to fulfill the Great Commission.


They are committed to fulfilling such a Great Commission through gospel projects as well as drilling/construction projects in remote areas of the world, meeting needs as Christ met needs, connecting people one on one through live streaming, promoting the ministries of God, and developing a worldwide missions mapping program. 


There is no limit to what God can do!

“The future belongs to those surrendered to God in faith.”

“We were made to “go into all the world and preach the gospel”, but sometimes that world looks impossibly big and our own personal world looks incredibly small. We believe that the world is NOT impossibly big, our own world is NOT too small, and neither is it too hard for the Gospel”

- Commission Mankind 

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The Bozo of Mali


Population: 280,000
Religion: Islam
Christians: 0.00%

The Bozo are a confederation of three related tribes which live along the Niger River in Mali. 

Prayer Points:
• The Bozo founded the great city of Djenne in Southern Mali, which is an influential center of Islamic learning and one of the oldest cities in sub-Sahara Africa. PRAY that the Spirit of Christ might fill this city and draw its seekers of truth to the redemption found in the cross.

• Bozo land is controlled by "headman" that decide which families may use it. They also arrange marriages and judge disputes. PRAY that these leaders will hear the Good News, trust Jesus as Savior, and therefore lead their people in ways of Christ.

• The Bozo are famous fishermen and are known as "masters of the river." PRAY that one day they might become famous for reaching the nations with Christ's salvation as fishers for God.


Every year die​ 2,800 without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime.