Ginger Cummins 


Ginger Cummins is a wife, homeschooling mom, and passionate global missions advocate who lives in Tennessee.  She specifically has a heart to see revival in Germany and throughout all of Europe.  The Lord is combining her love for both family and children’s ministries to share the Gospel across the world, while encouraging others in their call.


UPg for this episode:


The Bade of Nigeria


Population: 400,000
Religion: Islam
Christians: 0.00%

The Bade are a Muslim tribe living in northeast Nigeria. They speak a language related to the Chadic cluster. They are principally agriculturalists whose dwellings are surrounded by their farmlands and herds.

Prayer Points:
• The Bade have no known workers among them and no Bible translation. PRAY for workers to be sent from the Nigerian church, specifically Hausa speakers, since the Bade are bilingual in this language.

• The Bade are proud of their language and have their own radio broadcasts. PRAY that this medium of communication might be used by a Christian radio ministry to bring the Good News to them in their language. 

• PRAY for effective use of the Jesus Film and great venues to show it. PRAY for effective distribution of the Bible audio recordings and a deep desire to hear them by the Bade. 

Every year die​ 4,000 without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime.