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Becky Murray

Becky Murray is the Founder & Director of One by One Missions and The Dignity Project. She and her husband Matthew have a handsome son named Josiah.

One by One has established a King's Children's Home in both Kenya and Pakistan. They also have a program for widows in Sri Lanka - "Hope Sri Lanka"

Matthew and Becky host "Embrace the Journey" on TBN UK and Becky has recently published a book with the same title: "Embrace the Journey."


UPG for this episode:

The Gujjar of Pakistan

The Gujjar have a population of 4,800,000 and live in Pakistan. They are Islam, with less than 1 % claiming to be Christ Followers.

The Gujjar Muslims are a traditionally nomadic tribe of obscure origin living throughout the Himalayan foothills. They love to sing, and one of their songs about the Biblical character Joseph takes five days to finish!

Prayer Points:

1. Pray for a Christian Gujjar album done by a gifted believer that the Gujjar will love to sing.

2. Pray for audio recordings of the Bible and Bible stories for the Gujjar, as only 18% are literate.

3. Pray for literacy classes organised for the children to be successful.

Every year, 43,000 (around 117 per day) Gujjar Muslims die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime. Please pray for them!