UPG for this episode:

Muslim Albanians

Description: Albanian Muslims are distributed over three major territories: the country of Albania, the neighboring pseudo-state of Kosovo, and Turkey. Their culture and conversion to Islam was heavily influenced by centuries of Ottoman Empire occupation of their land. In Turkey, many have adopted the Turkish language and assimilated into Turkish society. 

Prayer Points:
• After seventy years of communism in Albania, much of the country was secularized and the economy devastated. In the aftermath of this trauma many secularized Albanians responded to the gospel. PRAY that this awakening might be used of God to reach Albanian Muslims around the world, especially in Kosovo and Turkey.

• Albanian Muslims in Kosovo number over 1.7 million and constitute a larger population of Muslims than in the country of Albania. The war in the 1990s with Serbia resulted in over 8,000 deaths and 500,000 displaced persons. PRAY for healing, hope and reconciliation to flow into this region through the power of Jesus Christ.

• Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, large amounts of investment came from the Middle East into Albania to revive Islam and convert Albanians to their fundamentalist ideology. PRAY for the spiritual protection of Albanians, especially young people, and for the light of the gospel to dispel the darkness of false religion.

Every year 25,000 Albanian Muslims die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime. Let’s pray for them!