Pastor Erion Cuni is a Pastor of two churches in Albania and also the Senior Pastor of Living Water / Adopt A Child Albania. Living Water Adopt a Child runs a sponsorship program and has many church plants in the areas where the sponsorships take place.

Pastor Erion is also the trainer coordinator for the Church Planting Program with Bible League Albania. He is also a husband and father.


UPG for this episode:

The Mappila of India


The Mappila live in the southern state of Kerala and this is special to me because my husband Jason has been to Kerala. It’s located in the southern part of India on the Arabian Sea. The Mappila have a population of just under 9 million, which is about a fourth of the 36 milllion people in Kerala, They are Sunni Muslim and are considered to be a frontier people group because fewer than 1 percent – actually 0 percent - claim to be Christian and there is no viable church planting movement among them, The Mapilla also have the lowest literacy rate of any people group in Kerala with fewer than 25% being literate.


Every year, 81,000 Mappila die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime, Please pray fo the Mapilla.