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Sarah lives on a ranch north of San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two young boys. Sarah helps busy families connect deeply with God. She loves Jesus and her family, especially her husband and two boys.


Sarah has a background in counseling, loves teaching children the Bible, and is passionate about helping people around the world know Jesus.


She is the author of Psalm Prayers for Kids and Psalm Prayers for the Nations, and she hosts a family-friendly prayer podcast called Hearts at Rest with Sarah Keeling.


UPG for this episode:

The Okinawan of Japan


The Okinawan, with a population of over one million, are the indigenous people of the Ryuku Islands of Japan. Often confused with the Japanese, the Okinawan peoples are a distinct cluster of related people groups with their own language and ethnic heritage. Over 300,000 have relocated to Hawaii.

The Okiawan are Buddhists with only .15% professing to be Christians.

Prayer Points:

* The Okinawan culture is rich in music and the arts, and they pride themselves on being a peaceful people who have kept to themselves for centuries. Pray that God would put a desire in their hearts to bring Jesus into their society and see their art forms be employed in His kingdom.

* Women hold a high place in traditional Okinawan religion, and are considered the spiritual guardian of their home. Pray that this role might be in Christ and that every Okinawan woman might become an intercessor for her family and nation.


Every year, 9,000 Okinawan die without Christ, many of whom never hear the gospel in their lifetime, Please pray fo the Okinawan.