We all have a testimony – a story of what God has done in our lives. Every story is a gift that is precious and powerful. No story is greater than another because the Lord is author and our story becomes part of His story – the greatest story of all!

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The Dongnu of China

The Dongnu have a population of 293,000 and of that number, there are NO KNOWN CHRISTIANS, no Gospel resources, and they are unengaged with the Gospel.

The religious belief system of the Dongnu contains elements of animism, Daoism, and ancestor worship. Ancestors are worshiped down to the fourth generation. It is primarily the job of the oldest son to take care of the ancestral altar.

Although the Dongnu number close to 300,000 people, they are without a single known church or Christian believer. Their ethnic, geographic, and linguistic isolation has caused a barrier to the introduction of the Gospel.

Important Prayer Points:

There are no known believers among the Dongnu, no missionary work, and no evangelism activity that is known. However, the Dongnu live nearby to the Wenshan Zhuang in Yunnan province, among which there are some believers. Some have even begun to speak the Northern Zhuang dialect. Pray that God would awaken believers from this nearby people group to love and reach out to the Dongnu.

The Dongnu are believed to be a cluster of closely related ethnicities and languages. Pray for survey teams to be sent to map out the internal relationships of the group, and discern the best entry points for the Gospel.

Every year, 3,000 Dongnu die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime.

Let’s do something to change that!