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God has a specific purpose for you to fulfill - and that purpose has many assignments for His glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom here on earth!


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The Bhutanese of Bhutan

The Bhutanese have a population of 586,000 and fewer than 1% are Christian. Buddhism is their main religion.

The Bhutanese are a cluster of related tribes which have inhabited the kingdom of Bhutan since at least 2000 BC.

Here are some important prayer points for the Bhutanese:

Bhutan is a Buddhist monarchy with ZERO tolerance for Christian evangelism. PRAY for an open door that would enable the church to thrive and expand among the Bhutanese. PRAY also for the salvation of the King and Queen and for wisdom to be given to those believers who have access to the royal family.

There are many Nepali refugees in Bhutan, some of whom have come to faith in Christ. PRAY for their enabling to share the Gospel with the Bhutanese.

Christians are denied basic services and can be deported from the country. PRAY for their strengthening and protection in Christ.

Every year 5,000 Bhutanese die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime.


Let’s do something to change that!