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I long to see the whole Church bring the whole Gospel to the whole world, prioritizing the most gospel–deprived people until the earth is “…filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” Habbakuk 2:14



He has served for over 20 years as a missions trainer, mentor, and

coach with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), and is convinced that if

we are able to equip more missions leaders, trainers, mobilizers,

and advocates, the result will be many more believers effectively 

stepping into their Great Commission roles.

Bevin grew up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) in Southern Africa until

his family returned to the USA after 12 years of missionary service. 

In the early ’80’s, he attended one of  the Keith Green Memorial

Concerts coordinated by YWAM across North America. During the event, Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM, invited everyone present to commit their lives to reaching the unreached. There in the crowd, Bevin caught a vision for the possibility of playing a small part in seeing one unreached people group represented at the wedding feast of the Lamb described in Revelation 7:9.


After University, he completed a Discipleship Training School and joined YWAM. Later, he served as a member of the leadership team of a large YWAM community in Colorado Springs. In YWAM Colorado Springs, he and his wife Judy worked hard to help mobilize, equip, send, and sustain missionaries going to the least-reached people groups of the world. They also served as Directors for YWAM Frontier Missions in North America for a season.

For the last 10 years, God has been shifting their focus to mobilizing and equipping the new workers He is raising up from the new sending nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In response to this shift, the Ginder family moved to Southeast Asia. They are also currently investing in a YWAM leadership development initiative called the Asia Leaders Learning Community (ALLC) while continuing to equip new workers and mentor missions advocates around the world.

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Bevin is the co-founder of GlobalCAST Resources and loves to

connect, equip, and coach missions leaders, mobilizers, and advocates.

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The Burakumin of Japan

The Burakumin have a population of 937,000 and fewer than 1% are Christian. Buddhism is their main religion.

The Burakumin descended as part of the outcasts from Japan's feudal system. The name Burakumin means "hamlet people". During Japan's feudal days, the Burakumin were placed into two groups - the eta ("defiled ones/ filthy commoners") or the hinin ("non-humans"). The eta held jobs that revolved around death. Shinto/ Buddhist religions identify death with defilement; therefore, the Burakumin were identified as defiled. The second hunin group included ex-convicts, prostitutes, beggars, and low-level entertainers. The group was identified as the lowest of the low in society.

But Christ has come to give them a NEW identity! 

Here are some important prayer points for the Burakumin:

-The Burakumin faced both religious and social discrimination and were thus forced to decelop their own Buddhist and Shinto clergy. Pray that these spiritual leaders might experience the power of Jesus and might lead their people into the Kingdom.

-Many Burakumin are involved in organized crime today, making up an estimated 70% of the Yamaguchi-gumi mafia, which is Japan's largest crime syndicate. Pray that the strongholds of crive and violence might be broken over the Burakumin.

-Though it is illegal to discriminate against the Burakumin today, they still face widespread prejudie in Japanese society. Pray that the Gospel might bring them hope and a NEW IDENTITY in Christ - as those made in God's image.

Every year 8,000 Burakumin die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime.

Let’s do something to change that!