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Becky Murray

Becky Murray is the Founder & Director of One by One Missions and The Dignity Project. She and her husband Matthew have a handsome son named Josiah.

One by One has established a King's Children's Home in both Kenya and Pakistan. They also have a program for widows in Sri Lanka - "Hope Sri Lanka"

Matthew and Becky host "Embrace the Journey" on TBN UK and Becky has recently published a book with the same title: "Embrace the Journey."


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The Brahui of Pakistan

The Brahui have a population of 2,479,000 and fewer than 1% are Christian. Islam is their main religion.

What are their lives like?

For years, most Brahui were nomadic shepherds who traveled between the highlands and the lowlands in the search of proper temperatures, rainfall, and pasture for their flocks. During the cold and icy winter months, the Brahui lived in the plains. They returned to the hills only after the lambs were born in February or March.

The number of Brahui nomads has consistently declined over the past one hundred years, and today there are many fully-settled villages dependent on underground water irrigation to raise the numerous ash crops. There are a number of towns that serve as administrative and commercial centers, although relatively few Brahui live in town year round.

Prayer Points for the Brahui:

- The Brahui live among the Baloch trive and many are assimilating to Balochi culture. PRAY that the recent breakthrough among the Baloch might have an impact on nearby Brahui families.

- The Brahui have 20 tribal divisions which are ruled by chiefs called sardars and by hereditary sectional leaders called takkri. PRAY for the deployment of workers for each of these tribal divisions and for open doors and hearts among their leaders.

- The Pakistani government has moved slowly with development among the Brahui. PRAY for creativity among missionaries in approaching the vast needs faxing this complex tribe as their society and economy transitions from ancient patterns to modern realities.

Every year 22,000 Brahui die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime.

Let’s do something to change that!