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ANN DUNAGAN is a veteran homeschooling mom of 7 (with an ever-increasing number of married-in-kids and grandkids).

Ann is a global missions leader and podcaster with Mission-Minded Families, and founder of Mission-Minded Women. Along with her husband, Jon & Ann Dunagan are Co-founders of Harvest Ministry and Loving Orphans (overseeing about 500 village churches and caring for over 1000 orphan children in East Africa and Asia). Collectively, the Dunagan family have shared the love of Jesus in over 100 nations and on every continent, including Antarctica. 

With a passion for the Lord and the lost, Ann mobilizes women and families to live on-mission for God, for as she says, “Missions is not just for missionaries; God's call is for all."

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UPG for this episode:

The Tatar of Russia

Today’s UPG is the Tatar people of Russia. This people group is very special to me, because it is the first unreached people group I began praying for – back in 1995. I have some wonderful Tatar friends who have come to Christ and I continue to pray for the Gospel to penetrate this people.

They are predominantly Islam with less than 1 percent claiming to be Christian (around 22,000 out of 6.6 million people).

The Tatar are a Turkic people group with many colonies existing all over the former Soviet Union. There is a native Tatar language, but one third claim Russian as their native tongue. I would also like to add their physical appearance is different than many Russians, as they have a darker complexion and features that are often more Asian in appearance, since they are descendants of Genghis Khan.

Important Prayer Points:

There is a great need for Christian laborers to live and minister among the Tatars. PRAY that local believers will be strengthened, trained, and empowered to share the Gospel.

PRAY for effective use of the Jesus Film and for thousands to be drawn to Christ through its showing.

ASK God to bless the translation team working on the Tatar Bible, and for its acceptance by all Tatars as the eternal, unchangeable Word of God.

Every year, 59,000 Tatar die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime.


Let’s do something to change that!