What Matters Most

June 16, 2019

ICU waiting room. There are only 3 1/2 small windows of the day where we can go back to see our son.


Saturday evening was 3 days ago but seems like weeks ago. I was just publishing my first website blog when the call came that no parent wants to hear. Our son was pulled from his vehicle that was on fire after hitting an 18-wheeler an hour from our home. He was on the way home from Ministry school to go on a much-anticipated mission trip.


Things that mattered four days ago no longer do. The thing that matters to us most - Jesus Christ - matters more than ever.


Because if Jesus is who He says He is, we are full of hope. This is going to end well, one way or another. If it’s all a lie, we got nothing.


Our son came away from a wrestling match between a compact car and an 18-wheeler with only a small amount of bleeding and a fractured femur. As I write this, he has already had successful leg surgery and has been up walking with physical therapy.


He is feeling well overall and looking like the movie star he always does. I know an angel stepped in front of his car. I know he was protected... for a purpose. And my lips shall testify of the goodness of God more than ever.


The enemy tried to kill our son Joshua. he lost. he will pay. The Creator of Heaven and earth will receive all of the glory! Oh, it’s going to be good!!


The best is yet to come.

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